Strong schools give our children and our communities the opportunity to thrive. However, quality schools depend on adequate funding and consistent leadership. Over the last few years, Oklahoma has cut more funding from public schools than any other state. Our lawmakers have introduced inconsistent radical changes to mandatory testing and curriculum standards that have negatively impacted our education system. As a mother of two children in public school, Julia sees the challenges our schools face first hand. Principals and administrators must make decisions each year without knowing what funds our lawmakers will provide or which mandates our lawmakers will impose. Our education system is at the point of crisis and we need to get back on the right track. As a State Senator, Julia will champion more funding for the classroom and consistent policies to help students reach their full potential.

Community Development
Julia understands that building on the strengths of our state depends on planning and vision. She has led statewide nonprofit organizations for more than 18 years, working closely with lawmakers and community leaders from rural and urban parts of Oklahoma. She knows our state has great potential and many assets, the most important of which is our people. As a State Senator, Julia will work to grow economic opportunities for more Oklahomans and create stronger communities.

Responsible Budgeting
Past financial decisions and a slumping economy have caused a serious budget crisis in Oklahoma. We do not bring in enough revenue to fund even the basics, like public schools and health services. Working families are paying the price while narrow special interest groups continue to profit from huge tax cuts. We don’t just need to solve this year’s crisis, but build the prosperity of all Oklahomans. We need to invest in the long term well-being of Oklahomans, helping those affected by mental illness and substance abuse and continuing criminal justice reform, which in turn will also benefit Oklahoma’s budget. As a State Senator, Julia will champion a fair budget that invests in our state’s future.

Open and Honest Leadership
Julia believes that Oklahomans are tired of dysfunction and division at the Capitol. Every Oklahoman should be able to participate in the political process and trust that lawmakers have their best interests at heart. Sadly, partisan politics and special interests sometimes get in the way of the common-sense solutions Oklahoma deserves. Over the last year, many of our lawmakers focused on divisive legislation instead of balancing our budget or reversing cuts to school funding. Some even avoided their constituents and ignored Open Meeting rules, instead negotiating behind closed doors. Julia believes we can do better. As a State Senator, Julia will lead with transparency and cooperation.

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