Senate District 30 includes  parts of Northwest Oklahoma City, Bethany, Warr Acres and The Village.

Click here to see if you are in Senate District 30 or look at the map below.

The staff at Star Spencer High School wants to give students high-quality art supplies to fully unleash their creative potential. They've secured a $500 grant but need some extra help to make it happen. #PartnersInAction

Learn more about this project:

Glad to hear our strong history of grassroots leadership fighting for better public policies! #okc

Monday is the 61st anniversary of the Katz Drug Store sit-in. Last year we made the video below to tell the story. Give me five minutes below & I’ll tell you the story of Clara Luper & the courageous young people who changed the world 61 years ago. #1OKC

Proud to stand with my mother and daughter for common sense gun laws. Together we can #endgunviolence #momsdemand #okleg

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